• Shadi Rahimi

How To Avoid Using Plastic Water Bottles While Traveling

I often feel guilty while traveling because it can be such a high waste activity. Along with the carbon footprint of air travel, disposable plastic bottles are perhaps one of the worst and most easily avoidable types of waste that we accumulate when away from home.

Did you know that 1 million plastic bottles are bought every minute around the world? That's nearly 20,0000 a second! And less than half get recycled, meaning most of this waste ends up in our oceans and landfills. Even worse, our increasing use of bottled drinks are predicted to bump these figures up another 20 percent by 2021.

It's pretty easy to avoid using plastic water bottles while traveling – just bring a reusable water bottle. There's tons out there and the cost of one will save you in the long run. But what about a reusable water bottle that does even more?

I've been researching the best reusable water bottle to buy before our trip to Egypt next week. I found one that seems to stand out from all the rest – reusable, low cost and yet also filters water! So you can use it when you're in places where you can't drink the tap water.

Note: This is not an ad, just something that I found cool and wanted to share.

So this is what I ordered for my trips this summer and beyond: Water to Go 75cl Water Bottle. It's a UK company that uses technology developed for NASA to filter water – how amazing is that?! Their water bottles filter out all biological contaminants, chemical contaminants, heavy metals, strip out odors, fluoride (which no other travel filter does) and bad taste. Their filters are also zero waste and can be fully recycled.

I just filled it up with Oakland tap water to test and I can say it does create clean, good tasting water. I will try it in Egypt as well. I've had the tap water in Cairo before and can attest to it making some sick, so it's a more accurate experiment to test it there. One drawback I find in using the bottle is that the water is a bit slow to pour from the spout, but that's likely because of how strong the filter is. So I can deal with that.

Ultimately I'm really excited about the idea that for $40 I can not only avoid harming the earth further and save money in the long run, but also filter water for myself and for my baby's bottles. Win, win, win 💫

Now, if you have more money to invest and plan to travel places where the water situation might be sketchy, or hardcore camping, I'd get a SteriPen Adventurer.

It’s a UV pen that zaps water to kill all biological contaminants. So if you're traveling somewhere with questionable water and locals offer you water from the tap – an easy way to avoid insulting anyone is to subtly zap it with the SteriPen. That one is going on my Christmas list 🤗